Man pages for digEmAll/bsearchtools
Binary Search Tools

bsearchtools-packageBinary Search Tools
DFICreate a data.frame (or matrix) with indexes
DFI.coercionCoerce a DFI object
DFI.getIndexExtract the index information of a DFI object
DFI.indexesGet the indexes names of a DFI object
DFI.subsetSubset a DFI object
DFI.unWrapUnwrap a DFI object returning the original wrapped object
indexesEqualToFind indexes of a value using binary search
indexesMergeIntersection / union of list of indexes
indexInRangeFind indexes in a range using binary search
lbBinary search based lower bound operation
rowfilters.DFIFunctions for row filters creation in 'DFI.subset'.
ubBinary search based upper bound operation
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