Man pages for dill/ltdesigntester
Test Performance of Line Transect Designs

build_simCreate a survey object for simulations
build_sim_covarSet up a simulation with a 2-level covariate
build_sim_covar_measuredSet up a simulation with a measured covariate
check_sim_setupCheck simulation setup graphically
dhtifyMake DSsim data usable by dht
do_simRun a simulation of a given scenario, fit models, report...
dsmifyMake DSsim data usable by dsm
get_N_quantileAssumes a log-Normal distribution for the quantity in...
plot_dfPlot a detection function from an object of class...
plot_survey_resultsPlot results from a simulated survey
quick_dhtGet a quick Horvitz-Thompson estimate of N and CV(N)
quick_dht_stratGet a quick stratified Horvitz-Thompson estimate of N and...
sample_dfSample data using a detection function
write_transectsWrite out a transect as a shapefile
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