Man pages for diluises/neutRino
What The Package Does

are.equidistcheck equidistat values
bintext.histo1dHistogram Bin Content Text
Chi2.binnedChi2 of binned data
Chi2.histoChi2 of two histograms
computeProbcompute oscillation probability
computeVacuumProbcompute vacuum probability
data_nue_selectedMC Neutrino Data set
dataRead.asFrameRead as data frame
db.oscparsOscillation parameters data
db.oscpars.sterileOscillation parameters data
db.parsAdditional parameters data frame to by-row-list
fun.grid.scanfunction grid-scan
getProboscillation probability 'NAs'
grapes-on.nn-grapesReplace 'NAs' or 'NLLs'
grapes-on.null-grapesReplace 'NULLs'
grid.dfexpand grid
grid.list'expand.grid' as 'list'
hist.fluct.bHistogram Statistical Fluctuation Boxplot
hist.fluct.envHistogram Statistical Fluctuation Envelop
hist.fluct.mHistogram Statistical Fluctuation Matrix
histo1d1D Histogram
histo1d.errsCompute 1D histogram bin erros
histo2d2D Histogram
histo2d.errsCompute 2D histogram bin erros
hist.oscHistogram Reweight with Oscillation Probability
is.compiledCheck if function is compiled a 'list' of rows to a 'data.frame'
LogLike.binnedLogLike of binned data
LogLike.histoLogLike of two histogram
LogLike.PsedoExpLogLike pseudo
logspacedlog10-spaced values
lshape.hist1d1D Histo line shape
mid.pointscompute array mid-points
my.envenvironment for global variables
new.winnew window
Nu.ErecoNu Reconstructed Energy
Nu.ErecoAsEleNuE Reconstructed Energy
Nu.ErecoAsMuonNuMu Reconstructed Energy
nu.trans.exptransition 'plotmath' expression
plot.histo1dplot 'histo1d'
plot.histo2dplot 'histo2d'
prob.envOscillation Probability Envelope
ProbNuMuToNuE_cmpNuEAppearance compiled Check ProbNuMuToNuE for reference...
ProbNuMuToNuMu_cmpNuMuDisappearance compiled Check ProbNuMuToNuMu for reference...
rm.duplnamesremove duplicated list-element names
rm.edgesrm edges values
rm.nullrm 'NULL'
setAndComputeProbset and compute ascill. probability nu_in -> nu_out
setMNSset MNS matrix, mass splittings etc.
stat.bandList Statistical Descriptive Quantities
stat.fluctStatistical Fluctuation
Sterile.ProbNuEToNuENuE Disppearance via Sterile Transition
Sterile.ProbNuEToNuEv2NuE Disppearance via Sterile Transition
to.histconvert 'histo1d' to 'histogram'
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