Man pages for dipetkov/actigraph.sleepr
Detect Periods of Sleep and Non-Wear from ActiGraph Data

apply_choiApply the Choi algorithm
apply_cole_kripkeApply the Cole-Kripke algorithm
apply_sadehApply the Sadeh algorithm
apply_troianoApply the Troiano algorithm
apply_tudor_lockeApply the Tudor-Locke algorithm
collapse_epochsRe-integrate epochs
combine_epochs_periodsCombine epochs with sleep/nonwear periods
complement_periodsFind the complement of time periods
expand_periodsExpand time periods into a data frame of equally spaced time...
expand_timestampExpand a time period into a vector of equally spaced time...
gtxplus1dayGT3X+ sample data
has_missing_epochsChecks whether there are gaps in the time series
impute_epochsImpute missing count values
plot_activityPlot activity values
plot_activity_periodPlot activity and periods
read_agdRead activity counts from an *.agd file
read_agd_rawRead an *.agd file, with no post-processing
tbl_agdA 'tibble' ('tbl') of activity data exported by an ActiGraph...
tbl_periodA 'tibble' ('tbl') of automatically detected periods (of...
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