Man pages for divDyn/r_package
Diversity Dynamics using Fossil Sampling Data

affinityEnvironmental affinities of taxa
binstatSampling statistics and diversity indices in every bin
categorizeMapping multiple entries to categories
cleanspCleanse Species Name Vector
collapseDetermination and omission of consecutive duplicates in a...
coralsFossil occurrences of scleractinian (stony) corals from the...
divDynTime series from metrics of diversity dynamics
fadladFAD - LAD matrix from occurrence data
fillFilling of missing values in a vector, based on the marginal...
georangeEstimation of geographic ranges from occurrence data
indicesScalar indices of diversity
keysKeys to process stratigraphic, environmental and lithological...
modeltabOrigination/extinction response table for statistical...
omitOmission of taxa that have a poor occurrence record
partsPlot time series counts or proportions as polygons
rangesPlotting ranges and occurrence distributions through time
ratesplitTest of rate split (selectivity)
repmatchReplicate matching and merging
shadesQuantile plot of time series
singletonsList of singleton taxa
sliceDiscretization of continuous time dimension - slicing
stages95 bin Phanerozoic time scale based on the stratigraphic...
stratkeysThe FossilWorks-based lookup table for the stratigraphic...
streaklogUtility functions for slicing gappy time series
subsampleSubsampling wrapper function
subtrialSubsampling trial functions
sumstatOccurrence database summary
survivorsProportions of survivorship
tabinateApply function to TAxon/BIN subset of occurrences and iterATE
tensThe 10 million year resolution timescale of the Paleobiology...
tsbarsFunction to plot a series a values with bars that have...
tsplotTime series plotting using a custom time scale
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