Man pages for djvanderlaan/LaF
Fast Access to Large ASCII Files

beginGo to the beginning of the file
cindexingSelect a column from a LaF object
closeClose the connection to the Large File
current_lineGet the current line in the file
datamodelsRead and write data models for LaF
detect_dm_csvAutomatically detect data models for CSV-files
determine_nlinesDetermine number of lines in a text file
get_linesRead in specified lines from a text file
gotoGo to specified line in the file
indexingRead records from a large file object into R
laf-classLarge File object
laf_column-classColumn of a Large File Object
laf_openCreate a connection to a file using a data model.
laf_open_csvCreate a connection to a comma separated value (CSV) file.
laf_open_fwfCreate a connection to a fixed width file.
levelsGet and change the levels of the column in a Large File...
namesGet and set the names of the columns in a Large File object
ncolGet the number of columns in a Large File object
next_blockRead the next block of data from a file.
nrowGet the number of rows in a Large File object
process_blocksBlockwise processing of file
read_dm_blaiseRead in Blaise data models
read_linesRead lines from the file
sample_linesRead in random lines from a text file
showPrint the Large File object to screen
statsCalculate simple statistics of column
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