Man pages for djvanderlaan/datapackage
Reading and writing files in the tabular datapackage format

absolute_pathCheck is an URL is absolute or relative
attributesGet and set the attributes in datapackage meta data
datapackageCreate a 'datapackage' object
download_fileDownload a file from a URL into a local temporary file
dpadd_resourceAdd a resource to a 'datapackage'
dpdataRetrieve the data of a resource
dpfieldGet and set the meta data of a single field
dpfieldsGet list of fields in the file
dpopenOpen a data package
dpresourceGet or set the meta data of a specific resource from a...
dpresourcesGet list of the resources in the datapackage.
dpsaveSave a datapackage with resources
format_columnConvert a data column to character for saving
print.datapackagePrint a 'datapackage' object
print.dpfieldPrint a 'dpfield' object
print.dpresourcePrint a 'dpresource' object
resource_indexGet the index of a resource in the 'datapackage'
save_resourceSave the data of a resource to file
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