Man pages for djvanderlaan/lvec
Out of Memory Vectors

as_lvecConverts a primitive R-vector to lvec
as_rvecConvert complete lvec to R vector
chunkGenerate a number of index ranges from a vector
cloneClone an lvec object
is_lvecCheck if an object is of type lvec
lengthGet and set the length of an lvec
lgetRead elements from an lvec
lsaveRead and write lvec object to file
lsetSet values in an lvec
lvecCreate memory mapped vector
lvec_typeGet the type of the lvec
orderOrder a lvec
print.lvecPrint an lvec
rattrSet and get attributes of the original R-vector stored in an...
sort.lvecSort a lvec
strlenGet and set the maximum string length of a character lvec
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