Man pages for dkahle/bayesRates
Two-Sample Tests and Sample Size Determination from a Bayesian Perspective

bayesBinomTestBayesian two-sample test of proportions
bayesPoisTestBayesian two-sample test of Poisson rates
dbetabinomDensity of the beta-binomial distribution with parameters...
findSizeDetermine a sample size
plotAlphaMake a significance level curve
plotBetaPlot a beta density
plotBinomRulePlot a binomial decision rule
plotGammaPlot a gamma density
plotPoisRulePlot a Poisson decision rule
plotPowerMake a power curve
plotRulePlot a decision rule
print.btestPrint a Bayesian test
sampleAlphaDetermine the probability of type I error of a test with...
sampleAlphaBinomialCompute the probability of type I error of the binomial...
sampleAlphaPoissonCompute the probability of type I error of the Poisson rate...
samplePowerDetermine the power of a test with given sample size
samplePowerBinomialCompute the power of the binomial proportions test for a...
samplePowerEstApproximate the power of a given sample size
samplePowerPoissonCompute the power of the Poisson rate test for a given sample...
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