Man pages for dkneis/diatools
Utilities for Diagenetic Modeling

adVelocAdvection velocities in porous medium
colorQualAssign colors to nominal values
colorQuantAssign colors to numeric values
diatools-packageUtilities for Diagenetic Modeling
gofGoodness-of-fit for a 1D dynamic, multi-component model
makeGridDepth grid for 1D models
makeHTMLArrange figures in HTML
plot3dColor Map of Dynamic Simulation Output
plotProfilesPlot dynamic simulation output as vertical profiles
runModelMinimalistic generic model interface
seasonalUni-modal seasonality
sensitSensitivity analysis
sim1D.createCreate an Object of Class 'sim1D'
sim1D.finalFinal state of a 'sim1D' object
sim1D.queryQuery an Object of Class 'sim1D'
simplifyListTransforms a list into a more compact format
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