Man pages for dkyleward/caliperR
Interacct with Caliper Software from R method for converting a 'CaliperMatrix' into a...
as.matrix.CaliperMatrixS3 method to convert all cores in a CaliperMatrix to R...
as.matrix.MatrixCurrencyGeneric to convert MatrixCurrency class to an R matrix
CaliperClassR class representing GISDK objects
CaliperMatrixCaliperMatrix class
caliperRcaliperR: Communicate with Caliper software from R
cash-.CaliperClassS3 method for calling 'CaliperClass' object methods
cash-.CaliperMatrixS3 method for calling 'CaliperMatrix' object attributes
cash-.GisdkClassS3 method for calling 'GisdkClass' object methods
cash-set-.CaliperClassS3 method for assigning 'CaliperClass' object attributes
cash-set-.CaliperMatrixSend matrix data back to Caliper software
checkIfValidBinFileChecks if filename is a valid .bin file
close_viewsClose all views open in Caliper software
compile_gisdkCompiles a GISDK script file into a UI
connectCreate a connection to a Caliper software product
connectedChecks if R is connected to Caliper software
convertColClassesCoerces data.frame columns to the specified classes
convert_nulls_and_slashesConverts R's 'NA', 'NULL', and '/' to formats GISDK can use
convert_to_named_arrayUsed internally to convert R's named vectors/lists to GISDK...
convert_to_named_listUsed to convert GISDK named arrays to R's named lists.
correct_empty_columnsCorrect the type for empty columns
CreateObjectCreates an R object that reprents a GISDK object
create_unique_view_nameCreates a view name unique in the current Caliper session
create_viewCreates a new Caliper view with data from a data.frame
df_from_viewConverts a Caliper view into an R data.frame
df_to_viewConverts a data.frame into a view.
disconnectClose the COM connection to Caliper software and kills the...
getByteLengthReturn the byte length for each R data type
getDisplayLengthReturn the display length for each R data type
GetInterfaceRetrieves the current GISDK interface
get_package_variableGets the value of a 'caliperR' package-wide variable
GisdkClassR class that gives access to GISDK functions
is_file_pathChecks to see if a string looks like a file path
is_gisdk_named_arrayChecks if an object is a GISDK named array
make_MatrixCurrencyCreates a matrix_currency object
MatrixCurrency-classThe matrix currency class
process_gisdk_argsConvert R arguments into GISDK flavors
process_gisdk_resultConverts GISDK output into R structures
read_binRead a bin file
read_bin_without_comRead the bin matrix into a data table without a COM...
read_logShows the Caliper log file
RNaToTcMissConvert R NAs to TransCAD missing values
RTypeToTcTypeConvert R datatype strings to TransCAD type string
RunFunctionRuns a GISDK function
RunMacroRuns a GISDK macro
SetAlternateInterfaceChange the Caliper UI
set_package_variableSets the value of a package-wide variable
setupTcCommandPromptConfigures the environment for TransCAD
split_matrixSplits a matrix by row and column indices
summary.CaliperMatrixS3 method for summarizing a 'CaliperMatrix'
TcMissToRNaConvert TransCAD missing values to R NAs
TcTypeToRTypeConvert TransCAD type string to R datatype strings
TcTypeToRType2Convert TransCAD type string to R datatype strings
update_viewUpdates an existing Caliper view with data from a data.frame
write_binWrite data table into bin file
write_bin_using_comUses Caliper software over COM to write a bin file.
write_bin_without_comWrite a FFB (.bin) file without a COM connection
writeDcbFileWrite data table's dcb file
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