Man pages for dleutnant/m181
Timeseries Data Validation according to the DWA-M 181

check_constancyValidation by constance
check_equidistanceCheck equidistancy of an xts-object
check_gapsCheck gaps of a timeseries
check_gradientValidation by gradient
check_mad_outlierValidation by outlier based on MAD criteria
check_naGet NA's of a timeseries
check_noiseValidation by noise
check_outlierValidation by outlier
check_rangeValidation by range
check_sign_changeCheck sign changes of a timeseries
fill_gapsFill gaps of a timeseries
index_has_naCheck time series index on NA elements
visualise_dyPlot xts object and highlight FALSE data
visualise_dy3Plot xts object and highlight FALSE data
visualise_ggPlot xts object and highlight FALSE data
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