Man pages for dlinzer/poLCA
Polytomous variable Latent Class Analysis

carcinomaDiagnoses of carcinoma (sample data)
cheatingGPA and chronic cheating (sample data)
election2000 National Election Studies survey (sample data)
gss821982 General Social Survey (sample data)
poLCALatent class analysis of polytomous outcome variables
poLCA.entropyEntropy of a fitted latent class model
poLCA.posteriorPosterior probabilities from a latent class model
poLCA.predcellPredicted cell percentages in a latent class model
poLCA.reorderReorder latent classes in poLCA
poLCA.simdataCreate simulated cross-classification data
poLCA.tableFrequency tables of predicted cell counts from latent class...
rmultiRandom draws from a multinomial distribution
valuesUniversalistic vs. particularistic values (sample data)
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