Man pages for dmattek/tca-package
Time Course Analyzer

calcBurstSzFnCalculate burst size function
calcCICalculate 95 calcCI(in.dt,,, in.col.n,...
calcTrajCICalculate the mean and CI around time series
checkDigitsCheck whether a string consists only from digits
checkLogicalCheck whether a string matches TRUE/FALSE, T/F, or T.../F...
convertStringList2TypesConverts string elements of a named list to apporpriate types
ellipseFromScatterCreate segments of an ellipse around points on a 2D plane
freadCSV2lineHeaderRead a CSV file with a 2-line header
genTrajGenerate synthetic CellProfiler output with single cell time...
ggplotThemeCustom ggPlot theme based on theme_bw
helloHello, World!
normTrajNormalize Trajectory
plotTrajPlot individual time series
plotTrajRibbonPlot time series with CI ribbon
readParReturn a list with parameter names and their values read from...
vecShiftShift vector values to right or left Modified from:...
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