Man pages for dmenne/d13cbreath
Reads and Evaluates Gastric Emptying 13C Breath Test Data

AddAllBreathTestRecordsReads and saves multiple 13C Breath test records
AddRecordReads BreathID or IRIS records and writes parameters to...
AddSimulatedBreathTestRecordAdds simulated breath test record to the database
BreathTestDataData structure for saving into database
BreathTestPopulationFitBreathtest population fit
BreathTestRecordToDatabaseComputes fit and writes a 13C record and extracted parameters...
ComputeAndSaveParameterizedFitReads 13C data from database, computes parameterized fit...
ComputeAndSaveWNFitCompute and save Wagner-Nelson fit
CreateEmptyBreathTestDatabaseCreate an empty SQLite database for breath test data
CreateSimulatedBreathTestDatabaseCreates a database with simulated breath tests
CumExpBetaCumulative Exponential Beta function
DecisionPlotDecisionPlot: 2D contour plot of breath-test variables
DeviceTypeGuess device type of a text file
ExpBetaExponential beta function to fit 13C breath test PDR
ExtractIDExtracts an ID from string IRIS CSV file
GetPopulationDataRead Population data from database
MarkedRecordsReads Setting table
OpenSqliteConnectionOpens sqlite database connection
Plot13CRecordPlot a 13C record and fit results
ReadBreathIdRead BreathID file
ReadIrisRead 13C data from IRIS/Wagner Analysen in composite format
ReadIrisCSVRead 13C data from IRIS/Wagner Analysen in CSV Format
RebuildFitDatabaseRecompute all fit parameters
RebuildPopulationFitDatabaseRecompute population fit and store results in database
RunShinyRuns Shiny app to display data
SaveBreathTestParametersSaves Breath Test Parameters to Database
SavePopulationFitSave population fit to breath test data
SimulateBreathIdSimulated BreathID record for testing
Summary13CRecordSummary data from a 13C Record
t50BluckCowardSelf-corrected t_50
t50Maest50 as determined from an uncorrected fit to the beta...
t50MaesScintigraphyt50 from Maes with scintigrapic correction
tLagBluckCowardLag phase for BluckCoward self-correcting fit
tLagMaesSo-called lag time from Maes/Ghoos fit
UnzipBreathIDUnpacks a BreathID zip-File
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