Man pages for dmenne/dlatex
Dieter Menne's Latex Related Functions

DMlatexDieter's special shorthand version of Hmisc/latex
DMlatexSummarybyPrint LaTeX tables of summary statistics broken down by...
latex.anova.lmeLaTeX ANOVA table for lme
latex.ftablePrint LaTeX contrast table for ftable
latex.lmePrint LaTeX contrast table for lme, lm and glm models
latexODBCTableRetrieve database table and format it nicely for LaTeX
lmeLabelReturns a standard label for LaTeX tables
lme.valueRetrieve items from an mixed-model, a glm, or from a lm...
removeFormFuncLexically removes a function from a formula.
xtable.decimalPrints a LaTeX table with numeric columns aligned on their...
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