Man pages for dmpe/WufooR
R Wrapper for the '' - The Form Building Service

fields_infoReturn details about form's fields
form_commentsReturns any comments made on this form's entries in the Entry...
form_commentsCountReturns a count of all comments made on this form's entries
form_entriesReturn responses of your form
form_entriesCountReturn number of responses to your form
form_entriesFromCSVReturn responses of your form, from CSV format
form_infoReturn details about the forms you have permission to access.
report_entriesReturns the entries that make up a specific report.
report_entriesCountReturns a count of the entries stored for a specific report.
report_fieldsReturns the field structure for the report's corresponding...
report_infoReturns a specific report.
reports_infoReturn details about the reports you have permission to view.
report_widgetsReturns details of the widgets that make up a specific...
retrieve_api_keyRetrieve API Key on behalf of users
user_infoReturn information about the user
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