Man pages for dmurdoch/SSCcompetition
Helper for Running SSC Student Research Competition

assignJudgesAssign judges to a student
editTableEdit the raw data in a table
entrySummarySummarize status of entries
getIDGet student, judge or session ID number from name.
getSessionSelect records from the database.
getTalksGet talks by student, judge, or session
initJudgingInitialize the judging table.
judgePackageProduce package for one judge.
loadSessionsLoad SSC data from CSV file.
mergeSSCMerge data from SSC spreadsheet.
newJudgeAdd a judge to the table.
newSessionAdd a session to the database.
newStudentAdd a new student
replaceTableReplace a table with a data frame
scoresheetOutput code for a scoresheet.
showCompetitorsProduce a report on all competitors or all sessions.
showNameShow a student record by name.
showTableShows a table for debugging purposes.
updateStudentsUpdate data in the Students table.
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