Man pages for dncR/MLSeq
Machine Learning Interface for RNA-Seq Data

Available-classifiersAvailable classification/regression methods in 'MLSeq'
cervicalCervical cancer data
classifyFitting classification models to sequencing data
confusionMatAccessors for the 'confusionMat' slot.
controlAccessors for the 'control' slot.
discreteControlDefine controlling parameters for discrete classifiers (NBLDA...
discrete.train-class'discrete.train' object
inputAccessors for the 'inputObject' slot of an 'MLSeq' object
isUpdatedChecks if MLSeq object is updated/modified or not.
metaDataAccessors for the 'metaData' slot of an 'MLSeq' object
methodAccessors for the 'method'.
MLSeq-class'MLSeq' object
MLSeqMetaData-class'MLSeqMetaData' object
MLSeqModelInfo-class'MLSeqModelInfo' object
MLSeq-packageMachine learning interface for RNA-Seq data
modelInfoAccessors for the 'modelInfo' slot of an 'MLSeq' object
normalizationAccessors for the 'normalization' slot.
plotPlot accuracy results from 'MLSeq' object
predictExtract predictions from 'classify()' object
preProcessingAccessors for the 'preProcessing' slot of an 'MLSeq' object
printPrint method for confusion matrix
refAccessors for the 'ref' slot.
selectedGenesAccessors for the 'selectedGenes'.
showShow method for MLSeq objects
trainedAccessors for the 'trainedModel' slot.
trainParametersAccessors for the 'trainParameters' slot.
transformationAccessors for the 'transformation' slot.
updateUpdate 'MLSeq' objects returnd from 'classify()'
voomControlDefine controlling parameters for voom-based classifiers
voom.train-class'voom.train' object
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