Man pages for dncnbrn/EmsiR
Emsi Episteme API from R

concept_detailQuery the details of an Episteme API concept
concept_listQuery concepts used on the Episteme API
CoWA short-hand function to map UK ClassOfWorker dimensions...
datapullPull data from the Episteme API
dataset_detailQuery the details of an Episteme API dataset
dataset_listQuery available dataset on the Episteme API
dimmakerSpecify dimension for an Episteme API query
EmsiREmsiR - tools for the Episteme API
EpistemeLoginSet login details for the Episteme API.
EpistemeSettingsBackground function which is used to take Emsi Episteme login...
metricmakerSpecify metrics for an Episteme API query
usCoWA short-hand function to map US ClassOfWorker dimensions...
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