Man pages for dnegrey/miscTools
R package with miscellaneous tools

barGraphProduce a bar graph
binBin a variable
cleanNumberFormatConvert a numeric vector to character with pretty formatting
clusterDTProduce a variable cluster datatable
gainsChartGenerate a gains chart
gainsChartBarGraphProduce a quantile bar graph based on gains chart(s)
gainsChartDTProduce a gains chart datatable
gainsChartPerfCurveProduce a cumulative performance graph based on gains...
getParmsGet a list of parameters called in a function
infoValueExtract the information value from a weight of evidence table
isStringDetermine if an object is a string
modelEDAExploratory data analysis on a modeling dataset
modelEDA_ReportProduce a standard modelEDA report
modelPerformanceEvaluate the performance of a model
modelPerformance_ReportProduce a standard model performance report
modelSampleScoredSample scored modeling dataset
nrsqCalculate a coefficient of determination (R-squared)
parseTemplateParse a template
relativeHistogramProduce a relative histogram
textToColumnsSplit character vector into data frame columns
univariateGraphProduce a univariate graph
univariateSummaryGenerate a univariate summary table
univariateSummaryDTProduce a univariate summary datatable
variable_clusterCluster a set of numeric variables
variable_cluster_plusAppend information value / numeric R-squared to variable...
variableImportanceGraphProduce a variable importance graph
woeGenerate a weight of evidence (WoE) table
woeDTProduce a weight of evidence (WoE) datatable
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