Man pages for doktorschiwago/Rllvm2
Interface to llvm for dynamically compiling native code.

addCasesAdd cases to a switch instruction
binOpCreate a binary operation instruction
BlockCreate an LLVM block
cloneCollection of generic functions for LLVM objects
createGlobalVariableDefine a native global variable
createICmpCreate an integer comparison instruction
createIsNotNullCreate LLVM operations
declareFunctionDeclare a function in a module
dot.llvmInvoke an LLVM Function from R
ExecutionEngineCreate LLVM engine for calling functions
formattedRawOstreamCreate and access LLVM output streams
FunctionCreate an LLVM function/routine
generatePTXGenerate PTX code to run on a NVIDIA GPU
getCallingConvGet and set the calling convention for a routine
getGetElementPtrCreate LLVM instruction to access an element in an array or...
getGlobalContextRetrieve the default LLVM context
getLogicalConstantCreate constants in native code
getModuleFunctionsGet a list of the functions in an LLVM module
getOpcodeGet the operation code/identifier for an LLVM instruction
getPassManagerCreate an LLVM pass manager
getSuccessorGet different aspects of a Branch Instruction
getValueGet the value from an LLVM entity
InitializeNativeTargetInitialize the LLVM engine for JIT operations
InstructionFunsMiscellaneous functions operating on LLVM Instruction objects
IntrinsicFunctions for working with LLVM Intrinsic routines
IRBuilderCreate an IR builder object for LLVM construction
isaQueries if an LLVM Instruction is a particular sub-type
isInBoundsQuery or set bounds checking flag
isTypePredicate functions for testing a type
llvmAddSymbolResolving external symbols
llvmDumpCreate a text representation of an LLVM object
ModuleCreate an LLVM module for one or more functions and variables
onlyReadsMemoryDetermines if the LLVM does not write to memory
parseIRRead LLVM Code in the Intermediate Representation (IR)...
parseIRErrorRaise an error from parseIR
PassesCreate LLVM Pass Instances
RC++Reference-classClass "RC++Reference"
RllvmThe Rllvm Package
setAlignmentSet the alignment for an LLVM instruction or object
setArgByValSet and Query Pass-By-Value Semantics for a Parameter
setInitializerSet the initializer for an LLVM Value
setMetadataFunctions for working with LLVM metadata
simpleFunctionDefine the skeleton of an LLVM Function
stringInitialize a string object
TargetFunsFunctions related to different targets
typeFunsMiscellaneous functions for LLVM Types
VoidTypeObjects representing different LLVM common Types
writeBitcodeRead and Write LLVM Bitcode
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