Man pages for dominikkirchhoff/CCKriging
Kriging for Mixed Continuous and Categorical Input Variables

cckmFit Mixed Inputs Kriging Model
checkParCheck Suitability of Parameter Vector for a Given CCKriging...
getCatCorrMatrixGet Categorical Correlation Matrix
getCatInputsGet Categorical Inputs
getContInputsGet Continuous Inputs
getCorrMatrixGet Matrix of Correlations between the Design Points
getCorrVectorGet Correlation Vector Between New Point and Design Points
getLikelihoodCompute Maximum Likelihood Value
isCCKrigingCheck if Object is 'CCKriging' Model
makeCCConfigMake Object of Class 'CCConfig'
makeCCKrigingMake Object of Class 'CCKriging'
makeCCPredMake Object of Class 'CCPred'
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