Man pages for donboyd5/apitools
Tools For Using the BEA and Census APIs

BEA_DSlistGet a List of Datasets Available from the BEA API
BEA_DSparamsGet Parameters for a Particular BEA Dataset
BEA_ParamValsGet Parameter Values for a Parameter in a Chosen BEA Dataset
BEA_RgnDataGet BEA regional data
Census_eitsGet a Dataset from the Census eits API
FREDGet one or more series from FRED
FREDcatGet info on variables in one or more FRED categories
FREDqmQuery FRED via quantmod to get a single variable
getz1df.fromfileGet ALL Federal Reserve Board Z1 Flow of Funds data from...
NIPAQuery the BEA API to get a single variable
NIPA_DataGet Data from a NIPA Table or a NIPA Underlying Detail Table...
NIPA_DataMultGet a Data Frame With Multiple BEA Tables
NIPATableIDsGet a Vector of TableIDs Corresponding to NIPA Table Numbers
z1Get latest version of ALL Federal Reserve Board Z1 Flow of...
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