Man pages for donboyd5/btools
Boyd tools

capwordsCapitalize first letter of each word
ctonConvert character to numeric
fdoqFirst day of quarter
ftonFactor to numeric
htShow head and tail of a vector, matrix, table, data frame or...
is.truefunction to deal with NA logical values
ma4Get 4-period moving average (3 lags + current)
mdyfnCreate a date from month, day, year
memoryDescribe memory usage and collect garbage
nazConvert NA to zero
p25Compute the sample 25th percentile.
p50Compute the sample 50th percentile (median).
p75Compute the sample 75th percentile.
panyCompute the sample value for a specific percentile, p.
pipePipe operator
precis2Display a succinct summary of a data frame
qtiledfGet quantiles and number of not-NA observations for a vector,...
qyCreate a date for start of quarter, from quarter, year
safe.ifelseifelse that can be used safely with dates
stldfGet trend, seasonal, remainder for a vector that has...
sum4Get 4-period moving sum (3 lags + current)
trimleadTrim leading white space in strings
trimtrailTrim trailing white space in strings
trim.wsTrim white space at either end of strings
xdateConvert Excel numeric date to date.
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