GetData: Get data for water quality status and trends analysis

Usage Arguments

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GetData(parameters = NULL, stations_AWQMS,,, huc8,
  query_nwis = FALSE, stations_NWIS, = "AWQMS")



A list of parameters to include in the query


Stations dataframe from get_stations_AWQMS()

The earliest date to include in the query. "


end.dateThe latest date to include in the query. "


huc8List of hucs within boundary


query_nwisLogical. Should the function query the USGS NWIS database.


stations_NWISStations dataframe from get_stations_NWIS()

\item name in quotes of the AWQMS ODBC connection. Defaults to "AWQMS". A dataframe of all available data within AWQMS that fit the query. Queries the Oregon DEQ AWQMS database for water quality monitoring data fitting the given parameters. Requires permissions to the VW_AWQMS_Results view in the AWQMS repository. This query is specific to the methods used in status and trends reporting. For a more comprehensive AWQMS query, see the AWQMS package by Travis Pritchard. GetData(parameters = c("parameter1", "parameter2"), stations_AWQMS = result-of-get_stations_AWQMS(), stations_NWIS = result-of-get_stations_NWIS(), = "2010-01-01", = "2019-01-01", = "AWQMS")

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