Man pages for dongzhuoer/rget
fetch contents of a website

as_absolutetransform url to absolute
as_url2filetransfrom a url to link to a file
base_nameget base directory name of url
belong_towhether the url belong to a domain
dir_createrecursive create directory it not exist
dir_nameget directory name of url or path
download_dependenciesdownload dependencies for a website
download_fileusing wget to download file
queuewanted HTML file (*absolute* url) queue
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_protocolremove 'protocol://' in url
rgetdownload a static website
rget_htmlprocess a html file a time
shorten_urlremove '?...#...' from url
test_urltest whether a url can be accessed
tidy_urlremove . and .. in url
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