Man pages for dosreislab/bppr
An R package for BPP

bayes.factorsCalculate Bayes factors and posterior model probabilities
gauss.quadEstimate marginal likelihood by thermodynamic integration
hominidsA BPP A00 MCMC sample for an hominid phylogeny
make.betaMake beta values for marginal likelihood calculation
make.bfctlfPrepare mcmctree or bpp control files for marginal likelihood...
mcmc2densitreePlot a densi-tree from an MCMC sample
mcmc2multiphyloConvert an MCMC sample from BPP or MCMCTree to a list of...
mcmc.summaryMCMC summary
microcebusA BPP A00 MCMC sample for a mouse lemur phylogeny
msc2timeTime-calibrate a multi-species phylogeny
ShiftedLognormalThe Shifted Log-normal Distribution
stepping.stonesEstimate marginal likelihood by stepping stones
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