Man pages for dpasqualin/sfreemap
Simulation Free Stochastic Mapping

correlationCreates an object that can be used to plot a correlation...
describe.sfreemapdescribe a 'phylo' object modified by sfreemap
map_posterior_distributionAnalyses a set of trees regarding to a specific tree and...
plot.correlationPlot a correlation matrix
plot_distribution_chartPlot the distribution of states in a given node
plot_distribution_treePlot the dwelling times distribution of a state in a given...
pruningPrune a phylogetic tree
read_tipsRead the tip states and labels from a file
reorder.sfreemapReorder a 'phylo' object modified by sfreemap
rescaleRescale branches of a 'phylo' or 'multiPhylo' object to a...
sfreemapSimulation free stochastic character mapping on a...
sfreemap.corals.tipsTip data for sfreemap.corals.trees
sfreemap.corals.treesPartial sequences of the 12S and 28S rRNA for 108 species of...
sfreemap-packageSimulation Free Stochastic Mapping
sfreemap.primates.dna.tipsTip data for sfreemap.primates.trees
sfreemap.primates.summary.treeTaxonomic sampling of Old World monkeys
sfreemap.primates.treesTaxonomic sampling of Old World monkeys
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