Man pages for dpastoor/devutils
utility functions

basename_sans_extget the basename of a filepath, minus any extensions
create_internal_desccreate decription file for internal package
dot-build_internalbuild the internal package
infuse_filesinfuse files or get the parameters needed
init_overseerinitialize an overseer modeling folder
is_dirdetect if a filepath is for a directory
list_fileslist files, including hidden ones, in a directory
mkdirprecursively create a dir
null-defaultDefault value for 'NULL'.
os_line_breakos specific line ending
pipePipe operator
reload_internalreload internal package
reload_namespacereload a package namespace
update_default_descriptionupdate the default decription file a new package
update_new_packageupdate the default configuration of new package scaffold
use_bookdowncreate a bookdown scaffold
use_internaluse internal packages setup in a projet
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