Man pages for dpmcsuss/iGraphMatch
Tools for approximately solving graph matching problems

best_matchesChoose best matches
center_graphCenter adjacency matrix
check_seedsStandardize seeds input data type
get_permGet Permutation
graph_match_methodsGraph Match Methods
iGraphMatch-packageiGraphMatch: Tools for approximately solving graph matching...
init_startInitialization of the start matrix
innerproductMatrix inner products
largest_common_ccFind the largest common connected subgraph(LCCS)
match_reportMatching performance summary
matrix_listLists of Matrices
measure_funcMeasure functions
padPad a matrix object with extra rows/columns of 0s.
plot_methodsPlotting methods for visualizing matches
sample_gnpSample correlated G(n,p) random graphs
sample_iegSample graphs from edge probability matrix and correlation...
sample_permSample random permutation matrix
sample_sbmSample graphs pair from stochastic block model
split_igraphSplit an igraph object into aligned graphs by attribute
splrSPLR Methods
splr_constructorSparse Plus Low-Rank Matrices
splr_sparse_plus_constantAdd a constant to a splr object
splr_to_sparseConvert splr Matrix to Sparse
startStart matrix initialization
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