Man pages for dracodoc/mischelper
Collections Of Miscellaneous Helper Functions To Save Some Time

benchmarkmicrobenchmark selected
clip_2_dfread clipboard into data frame
clip_read_linesRead windows/mac clipboard into lines
clip_write_linesWrite lines into windows/mac clipboard
flip_windows_pathFlip windows path
format_consoleFormat console
printcGenerate the literal c() of a character vector
profvprofvis selected
render_addinView obj/variable 'str()' output in html view by addin
render_rmdRender RMarkdown in global environment
render_strRender str() output in html with style
scan_externalsScan External Functions
scan_fileScan Source File For External Functions
scan_funScan Function Object For External Functions
time_ittime selected code
unwrapUnwrap text
unwrap_extra_blankUnwrap with blank line
view_dfView selected data frame
view_listView selected list with listviewer
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