Man pages for dreamRs/colorscale
Create a Color Scale From a Single Color

chromaChroma API
chroma_avgSimple averaging of colors
chroma_contrastContrast between two colors
chroma_distanceDistance between two colors
chroma_getReturns a single channel value.
chroma-lightnessChange lightness of a color
chroma_mixMixes two colors
chroma_randomRandom colors
chroma-saturationChange saturation of a color
chroma_scaleChroma Scale API
continuous-palettesContinuous color palettes
get_dark_colsGet n darkest colors from a single one
get_light_colsGet n lightest colors from a single one
one_color_scaleColor Scale Shiny Gadget
shiny-view-colorsCreate rectangles in HTML to display colors
single_scaleCreate a color scale from a single color
view-colorsDisplay colors in the viewer
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