Man pages for dreamRs/r2d3maps
Create Maps with D3

add_clickRetrieve click in Shiny
add_continuous_breaksAdd continuous scale to a map
add_labsLabs for a r2d3 map
add_legendAdd a legend to a map
add_select_inputAdd a select menu above a map
add_tooltipAdd a tooltip on a map
add_zoomAdd zoom capacity
d3_cartogramCreate a cartogram in D3
d3_mapCreate a map in D3
discrete-scaleAdd discrete scale to a map
gradient-scaleAdd gradient scale to a map
parisSimple Feature of Paris with population data.
pop_frFrench population by county (in 2014).
pop_irlIrish population by county (in 2016).
prenoms_frMost popular first names in France (1988-2016).
proxyProxy for updating d3_map in Shiny
r2d3mapWrapper of 'r2d3' to create maps
r2d3maps-exportsr2d3maps exported operators and S3 methods
r2d3maps-packageA wrapper to 'r2d3' to make maps from 'sf' objects thanks to...
update_continuous_breaksUpdate a continuous scale in Shiny
update_continuous_gradientUpdate a gradient scale in Shiny
update_legendUpdate a legend in Shiny
update_tootltipUpdate tooltip in Shiny
use_r2d3mapUse r2d3 template to create you D3 map
water_africaDrinking water access in Africa (2000 - 2015)
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