Man pages for dreamRs/tuicalendr
Create Interactive Calendar with the JavaScript 'tui-calendar' Library

add-scheduleAdd schedules
calendarCreate an interactive calendar
calendarProxyProxy for calendar htmlwidget
calendar-shinyShiny bindings for calendar
cal_proxy_clearClear calendar with Proxy
cal_proxy_optionsSet calendar's options with Proxy
cal_proxy_viewChange calendar view with Proxy
proxy-navigateNavigate into a calendar with Proxy
proxy-scheduleCreate / Update / Delete schedule(s) with Proxy
set-calendarsCalendars properties
set_month_optionsMonth Options
set_themeSet theme for a calendar
set_week_optionsWeek Options
templateSet template for a calendar
tuicalendr-exportstuicalendr exported operators and S3 methods
tuicalendr-packageAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the tui-calendar javascript...
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