Man pages for drewgriffith15/griffun
My Collection of Functions

accAbsolute Average Accuracy
age.yearsAge Years
ATR210ATR Bands
bbref_leaderboardScrape Pitching or Hitting data from Baseball Reference
buy.sellBuy/Sell Indicator
cntCount number of non NA elements
DateFunctionsDates Functions
ESPN_eligibilityReturns a full list of MLB players eligibility for hitters or...
ESPN_projReturns projections for hitters or pitchers for a standard...
extendForecastAdding future dates to a forecast
fangraphs_leaderboardScrape Batter Leaderboards from
fast.repFaster version of rep fucntion
find.matchesSet up a dataframe for regression
griffunMy library of functions
Heatmaps_leaderboardScrape Baseball Heatmaps leadersboards
HRtracker_leaderboardScrape Home Run Tracker leadersboards
ifnaReplace NA, NaN, Inf values
ifnullReplace NULL values
iifFaster version of ifelse function
indx.xtsFast alternative to indx() function for 'xts' object
joinJoin vector of strings into one string using delim
lenShortcut for length function
load.packagesLoad Packages that are available and install ones that are...
make.xtsCreate 'xts' object, faster version of 'xts' fucntion
mlagLag matrix or vector
read.excelExcel data to R
remove.outliersRemove Outliers from a dataset
repColRepeat Columns
repRowRepeat Rows
reverse_nameReverse First and Last Name
SCTRStockCharts Technical Rank
seasonalsSeasonal Averages
splSplit string into tokens using delim
statcast_leaderboardScrape Batted Ball Distance/Velocity Data from Baseball...
str_detachDetach prefixes or suffixes
str_filterRemove prefixes or suffixes
summarize.bySummarize content
third.friday.monthCompute the expiration date of stock options (3rd Friday of...
TimingFunctionsBegin Timing
unadj.rsquaredUnadjusted R Squared
WarGames_ESPN_projReturns projections for hitters pr pitchers for WAR Games...
write.excelR object to Excel
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