Man pages for driegert/transfer3
Estimate transfer functions using non-stationary multitaper framework

blockStartIdxDetermine block starting indices
coherenceCalculates the coherence between two series.
df.stdStandardize a data.frame
eigenCoefCalculate weighted eigencoefficients
eigenCoefWithNegYkExtends positive frequency eigencoefficients to include...
filter.twoSidedApply a linear filter to a time-series
fixDeadBandthis only works for a very specific situation
H2zeroI don't know if I quite trust this.. worth another look
helloHello, World!
irImpulse response from transfer functions
msc2normConvert the MSC to Standard Normal
mscFromEigenHelperused in the transfer function functions
plotIrPlots the impulse responses to a PDF
predictEigenCoefEigencoefficient Prediction
predictTsPredict the Time Series from the predictors and impulse...
specPredictSpectrum prediction
standardizeDfStandardizes each column of a data.frame Standardizes by...
tfCalculates some transfer functions.
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