Man pages for drizztxx/gatbxr
Genetic Algorithm Toolbox Implemented by R

bs2rvBinary string to real vector
crtbaseCreate base vector
crtbpCreate an initial population
crtrpCreate a real-valued initial population
gatbxr-packageGentic Algorithm Toolbox Implemented by R
migrateMigration of individuals between subpopulations
mutMUTATion low-level function
mutateMUTATion high-level function
mutbgaMutation of real-valued population
rankingRANK-based fitness assignment
recdisDiscrete recombination
recintIntermediate recombination
reclinLine recombination
recmutLine recombination with mutation features
recombinRECOMBINation high-level function
reinsRE-INSertion of offspring in population replacing parents
rwsRoulette Wheel Selection
scalingLinear fitness scaling
selectUniversal selection high-level function
susStochastic Universal Sampling
xovmpCrossover operators for binary representation
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