Man pages for drmjc/mjcgraphics
mjc's graphics library

add.errorbarsAdd errorbars to a barplot.
auto.mfrowAutomatically setup par mfrow
axis.percentilesaxis.percentiles or axis.quartiles
barplot.getxFunction to tell you where the middle of each bar is in a...
barplot.getyFunction to determine the height of each bar with extra...
barplot_stratumbarplot a binary variable into different strata
calc.CATCalculate the overlap b/w two vectors, for various sizes.
catplotCorrespondence at the top (CAT) plot
catplot.vs.randomPermutation based CAT plots.
colour.stepMake a gradient of colours.
comboplot_scatter_boxplot-methodsA combination plot: sorted scatter plot and boxplot
density_peakFind the element at the peak of the density distribution
density.sketchdensity sketch
dotplot-methodsdotplot methods
errorbarplotbarplot with errorbars
grid.percentilesAdd a grid, with lines along the percentiles or quantiles
hgridplot a grid of horizontal lines.
hist.intHistogram of integers Plot a histogram of the integers in...
image.tableimage plot of a table
mjc-colourscolours, hex-colours and rgb-colours
pairs.corpairs plot with correlation stats
panel.corPrint the correlation in a panel
panel.lmpanel containing xy plot and linear model fit line
plot_blankMake a blank plot.
plot.corCorrelation xy-plot
plot.density.matrixDensity plots for every column in a matrix
plot_ExpressionSetplot a single feature from an ExpressionSet
plot.matrixPlot a matrix(-like object) row-wise.
plot_mean_vs_sdplot mean vs stdev
plot_mean_vs_varplot mean vs variance
plot-methodsxy-plot of data from 2 ExpressionSet's Note only the first...
plot_pchplot the print characters
plot_rank_vs_sdplot rank vs stdev
plot_rhorank-based correlation heatmap
plotting.devicesCustomized plotting devices
plot.vennPlot a Venn Diagram
plot.venn2DPlot a 2 way venn diagram
plot.venn3DPlot a 3 way venn diagram
pvalue.starsDetermine how many star's to annotate a vector of pvalues
rect.hclust.labelsAnnotate the rectangles produced by rect.hclust using...
safe.brewer.palAllows use of brewer.pal with less than 3 colours
stripchart_annotMake a normal stripchart, but below the plot add a specified...
vennDiagram2Venn Diagrams
vgridWrapper to 'grid' which just draws the horizontal lines of...
wrap.titleFunction to wrap long titles (from plots) by splitting at...
xyplot.histAn xyplot with histograms An xyplot with a difference - also...
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