Man pages for dsidavis/LCAP
Read LCAP Section 2

cells_to_rowsGroup Cells By Row
lines_to_cellsConvert Lines To Cells
pdf_bboxGet Bounding Boxes
pdf_textGet Text Tags
plot_pdf_linesPlot PDF Lines
plot_pdf_newNew PDF Page Plot
plot_pdf_pagePlot PDF Page Geometry
plot_pdf_rectsPlot PDF Rects
rects_to_linesConvert Rects To Lines
sec2Extract LCAP Section 2 Tables
sec2_extract_textGet LCAP Section 2 Text
simplify_lines_hzSimplify Horizontal Lines
simplify_lines_vtSimplify Vertical Lines
split_lines_hvSplit Lines Into Horizontals & Verticals
union_segmentsUnion Segments
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