Man pages for dswalter/stats250
An Interactive Environment for Learning Statistics

probRun the Probability Walkthrough script.
pvalRun the P-val Walkthrough script.
qqsimrun the qqplot simulator script
s_fdistRun the F distribution shiny app.
s_introbinomRun the Intro Binomial shiny app. @export
s_normbinomRun the Normal Approximation to the Binomial shiny app....
s_propciRun the proportion confidence interval shiny app.
stats250learnstats: Using R as an interactive educational...
s_tdistRun the T distribution shiny app.
s_timeseriesRun the Timeseries shiny app.
s_twonormRun the Two Normal Distributions shiny app.
s_uniformRun the Uniform shiny app. @export
timeseressimRun the Time Series Simulation script.
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