Man pages for dtkaplan/DataComputing
Functions and Data for the Data Computing book

BabyNamesNames of children as recorded by the US Social Security...
countryCentroidsGeographic locations of countries
CountryDataMany variables on countries from the CIA factbook, 2014.
CountryGroupsMembership in Country Groups
DirectRecoveryGroupsDescriptions of the Direct Recovery Groups (DRGs) in the...
DrawingNetworksHelper functions for drawing networks
editWebFileDisplay a file from the web in the editor
extractMatchesExtract substrings that match a regex
graphicsHelpersInteractive interface to ggplot2
HappinessIndexWorld Happiness Report Data
includeSourceDocumentsInclude source files such as Rmd in an Rmd->HTML document
MedicareChargesCharges to and Payments from Medicare
MedicareProvidersMedicare Providers
MigrationFlowsHuman Migration between Countries
Minneapolis2013Ballots in the 2013 Mayoral election in Minneapolis
NCHSHealth Statistics Data 1999-2004
NCI60Gene expression in cancer.
NCI60cellsCell Line descriptions in the NCI-60 dataset
OrdwayBirdsBirds captured and released at Ordway, complete and uncleaned
OrdwaySpeciesNamesCorrected Species Names for the Ordway Birds
read_stock_pricesRead stock and dividends from
RegisteredVotersA sample of the voter registration list for Wake County,...
representativeCasesSelect n widely representative random cases
WorldCitiesCities and their populations
ZipDemographyDemographic information for most US ZIP Codes (Postal Codes)
ZipGeographyGeographic information by US Zip Codes (Postal Codes)
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