Man pages for dtkaplan/checkr
Facilities for checking R submissions in tutorials

agreesSimply create tests to evaluate a value
arg_isSimple interface to argument checking
captureevaluate R statements, capturing code, created vars, and...
check_argumentApply a test to the value of an argument
closest_toLocators based on solution code
compose_testsCombine multiple tests into a single test
debuggingFunctions for debugging checkr
expand_chainExpand a Magrittr chain so arguments resolve correctly
f_has_termschecks on formula's
find_assignmentLocator test for assignment to a specific name or regex
find_callFind matching lines based on function calls.
find_formulaLook for a formula in a command line and apply a test to the...
learnr_interfaceInterface to learnr
location_qualifiersQualifiers on command lines to be searched by test statements...
locator_functionsLocator functions
log_googleFunctions for logging checkr results to a Google Spreadsheet
matchesComparison functions
message_passingAuthenticate a user
modifiersmodifiers on pass objects
new_exerciseCreate a new learnr/checkr exercise or question
pipe_testsLocator and check functions relating to pipes
pre-evaluationPre-evaluation checking of code
sameCompare submitted code values to solution code values
soln_testsupervisory function testing whether student code matches a...
valuesChecking values of objects created or displayed by the code
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