Man pages for dtkaplan/checkr2
Exploring ideas for successor to checkr

arg_callingPull out an line, expression, or argument calling a specified...
chainsExpand a chain into a series of lines, each with '.' as the...
checkApply passif/failif/okif tests to an identified code object
check_blanksChecking fill-in-the-blanks problems
check_for_learnrInterface for checking learnr exercises.
comparisonsComparison operators for bindings
find_argumentsFunctions to extract an the argument from an expression
for_checkrTranslate a sequence of commands into a sequence of quosures
formula_testsTesting functions for formulas
grab_bindingsGrab any bindings from a pattern match
line_bindingLocates a line matching a redpen pattern and conducts tests...
line_callingFind a line calling a function
line_chainingFind a line that is a magrittr chain
line_whereIdentify an individual line in a sequence of commands
logicalsCombine or negate checkr_results
misconceptionTest for a misconceived statement
moustacheevaluate expressions in a string using a particular...
parse_checkLook for errors at parse time
passedCheck whether a test passed or failed
passifCollate a test expression with a message and a action.
pre_checkPre-check code
print.checkr_resultPrint a checkr_result
print_function_contentsPrint a function with numbered lines.
run_testsRun test statements in the context of the bindings
test_exTests on expressions
trig_radian_checkCheck that argument is in radians
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