Man pages for duncantl/RLLVMCompile
LLVM-based compiler for R code

compileFunctionCompile an R function to native machine code via LLVM
compileGPUKernelCompile an R function as a GPU kernel
createProxyCreate an R function to call a native routine
getBuiltInRoutinesSpecify list of Available Compiled Routines
getCompilerHandlersRetrieve list of compiler handler functions
getSymbolMetaInfoQuery the meta-data about native routines in an LLVM module
insertReturnInsert explicit calls to 'return'
rewriteRNGCallsRewrite R language objects for Random Number Generation and...
RTypesTypes describing R data structures
SXPNumsEnumerated constants for R data types
traverseExpressionsGeneral mechanism to process an R language object recursively...
vectorizeFunctionCreate a vectorized version of a scalar function
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