Man pages for dustinfife/selection
Correcting Biased Estimates Under Selection

caseIICorrects correlations using Case II
caseIIICorrects correlations using Case III
caseIIIRCorrects correlations using Case III-R
caseIVCorrect x/y correlations using Case IV
dc4Estimate Cohen's d Using Case IV
d.computationCompute Cohen's d
dplCorrect Cohen's d Using the Pearson Lawley cohen's d into r
emEstimate correlations with the EM
mv.correctionEstimate the unrestricted covariance matrix using the...
normalMeanCompute mean of truncated normal
normalVarCompute variance of truncated normal
rel.correctionCorrects a correlation for unreliability r into cohen's d
selection.example.dataFictitious data of a pool of applicants
UtCompute the unrestricted variance of T.
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