Man pages for earowang/tsibble
Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools

as-tibbleCoerce to a tibble or data frame
as-tsibbleCoerce to a tsibble object
as.ts.tbl_tsCoerce a tsibble to a time series
case_naA thin wrapper of 'dplyr::case_when()' if there are 'NA's
col-verbColumn-wise verbs
fill-naTurn implicit missing values into explicit missing values
group-byGroup by one or more variables
guess_frequencyGuess a time frequency from other index objects
idIdentifier to construct structural variables
index-rdReturn index and interval from a tsibble
index_sumExtensible index type to tsibble
inform_duplicatesInform duplication of key and index variables
is-tsibbleTest if the object is a tsibble
keyReturn key and measured variables
key-sizeCompute sizes of key variables
pedestrianPedestrian counts in the city of Melbourne
periodRepresent year-month or year-quarter objects
pull-intervalExtract time interval from a vector
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
regularIf a tsibble is spaced at regular time or not
row-verbRow-wise verbs
slideSliding window calculation
stretchStretching window calculation
tileTiling window calculation
tourismAustralian domestic overnight trips
tsibbleCreate a tsibble object
tsibble-packagetsibble: tidy temporal data frames and tools
tsummariseAggregate over calendar periods
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