Man pages for earowang/tsibble
Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools

as-tibbleCoerce to a tibble or data frame
as-tsibbleCoerce to a tsibble object
as.ts.tbl_tsCoerce a tsibble to a time series
build_tsibbleLow-level constructor for a tsibble object
count_gapsCount implicit gaps
deprecatedDeprecated functions
differenceLagged differences
duplicatesTest duplicated observations determined by key and index...
fill_gapsTurn implicit missing values into explicit missing values
filter_indexA shorthand for filtering time index for a tsibble
future-slideSliding window in parallel
future-stretchStretching window in parallel
future-tileTiling window in parallel
group_by_keyGroup by key variables
guess_frequencyGuess a time frequency from other index objects
has_gapsDoes a tsibble have implicit gaps in time?
holiday_ausAustralian national and state-based public holiday
idIdentifiers used for creating key
index-byGroup and collapse by time index
index-rdReturn index variable from a tsibble
index_validAdd custom index support for a tsibble
is-tsibbleIf the object is a tsibble
keyReturn key variables
key-dataKeying data
measured-varsReturn measured variables
new-dataNew tsibble data and append new observations to a tsibble
new_intervalCreate a time interval
new_tsibbleCreate a subclass of a tsibble
partial-sliderPartially splits the input to a list according to the rolling...
pedestrianPedestrian counts in the city of Melbourne
periodRepresent year-week (ISO) starting on Monday, year-month or...
pull-intervalPull time interval from a vector
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
regularMeta-information of a tsibble
scan_gapsScan a tsibble for implicit missing observations
slideSliding window calculation
slide2Sliding window calculation over multiple inputs...
sliderSplits the input to a list according to the rolling window...
stretchStretching window calculation
stretch2Stretching window calculation over multiple simultaneously
stretcherSplit the input to a list according to the stretching window...
tidyverseTidyverse methods for tsibble
tileTiling window calculation
tile2Tiling window calculation over multiple inputs simultaneously
tilerSplits the input to a list according to the tiling window...
time_inIf time falls in the ranges using compact expressions
time_unitExtract time unit from a vector
tourismAustralian domestic overnight trips
tsibbleCreate a tsibble object
tsibble-packagetsibble: tidy temporal data frames and tools
units_sinceTime units since Unix Epoch
update_tsibbleUpdate key and index for a tsibble
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