Man pages for easystats/estimate
Estimation of Model-Based Predictions, Contrasts and Means

describe_nonlinearDescribe the smooth term (for GAMs) or non-linear predictors
dot-uniroot.allCopied from rootSolve package
estimate_contrastsEstimate Marginal Contrasts
estimate_expectationModel-based response estimates and uncertainty
estimate_grouplevelGroup-specific parameters of mixed models random effects
estimate_meansEstimate Marginal Means (Model-based average at each factor...
estimate_slopesEstimate Marginal Effects
find_inversionsFind points of inversion
get_emmeansEasy 'emmeans' and 'emtrends'
get_marginaleffectsEasy marginaleffects
modelbased-packagemodelbased: Estimation of Model-Based Predictions, Contrasts...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
smoothingSmoothing a vector or a time series
visualisation_matrixCreate a reference grid
visualisation_recipe.estimate_predictedVisualisation Recipe for 'modelbased' Objects
zero_crossingsFind zero crossings of a vector
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