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Matrix constraints for covariate balance

apgAccelerated proximal gradient method
apg_warmstartAccelerated proximal gradient method
balancerbalancer: A package for treatment effect heterogeneity and...
balancer_attBalancing weights for ATT (in subgroups)
balancer_att_cvBalancing weights for ATT (in subgroups)
balancer_bootGet point estimate and bootstraped standard errors
balancer_cvFind Balancing weights by solving the dual optimization...
balancer_hteBalancing weights for heterogeneous treatment effects
balancer_hte_oldHelper function to fit the dual for general odds function and...
balancer_missingBalancing weights for missing outcomes
balancer_missing_oldHelper function to fit the dual for general odds function and...
balancer_multiBalancing weights for ATT (with hierarchical structure)
balancer_multimatchBalancing weights for ATT with multilevel treatment...
balancer_oldFind Balancing weights by solving the dual optimization...
balancer_subgrpBalancing weights for ATT (in subgroups)
balancer_subgrp_oldHelper function to fit the dual for general odds function and...
balancing_gradGeneric balancing loss gradient
balancing_grad_attGeneric balancing loss gradient
balancing_grad_kernGeneric balancing loss gradient with kernels
compute_gramCompute a gram matrix between X and Y for a given kernel
create_foldsPartition indices into k folds
enetOdds as the dual to elastic net
exp_weightsun-normalized logit weights
exp_weights2un-normalized logit weights
exp_weights_ipwun-normalized logit weights
l1One norm
l1_grp_proxGroup L1 norm prox operator, soft thresholding
l1_proxL1 norm prox operator, soft thresholding
l2Two norm
l2_proxL2 norm prox operator
l2QQ norm
l2sqTwo norm squared
linfInfinity norm
linf_grpGroup infinity norm
linf_grp_linfGroup inf + inf
linf_opOperator + inf
linf_proxL infinity norm prox operator Uses algorithm for projection...
lin_weightsLinear weights
lin_weights2Linear weights
lin_weights_ipwLinear weights
map_to_paramMap string choices to the proper parameters for the balancer...
multilevel_gradGeneric balancing loss gradient
no_proxProx of 0 is the identity
normlinLinear odds, normalized weights
normposlinLinear odds, constrained to be positive, normalized
nuc_proxNuclear norm prox operator, soft thresholding
op_normOperator norm
poly_kernelPolynomial kernel
posenetOdds as the dual to elastic net with positive weights
poslinLinear odds, constrained to be positive
pos_lin_weightsLinear weights
pos_lin_weights2Linear weights
pos_lin_weights_ipwLinear weights
preprocessPreprocess covariates
prox_enetProx for elastic net
prox_enet_normalizedProx for elastic net ignoring intercept
prox_l1L1 Prox
prox_l1_allL1 Prox for multilevel model, separate for global/local...
prox_l1_grpGroup L1 Prox
prox_l1_grp_l1Group L1 + L1 Prox
prox_l1_grp_l1_normalizedGroup L1 + L1 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_l1_grp_normalizedGroup L1 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_l1_normalizedL1 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_l2L2 Prox
prox_l2_normalizedL2 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_l2_sqSquared L2 Prox
prox_l2_sq_normalizedSquared L2 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_l2_sq_QProx for 1/2 x'Qx
prox_l2_sq_Q_normalizedProx for 1/2 x'Qx ignoring intercept
prox_multilevel_ridgeSquared L2 Prox for multilevel model, separate for...
prox_multilevel_ridge_normalizedSquared L2 Prox for multilevel model, separate for...
prox_multilevel_ridge_nucSquared L2 Prox for global parameters, nuclear norm prox for...
prox_multilevel_ridge_nuc_normalizedSquared L2 Prox for multilevel model, separate for...
prox_nucNuclear norm prox
prox_nuc_l1Nuclear norm + L1 Prox
prox_nuc_l1_normalizedNuclear norm + L1 Prox ignoring intercept
prox_nuc_normalizedNuclear norm prox ignoring intercept
rbf_kernelRadial Basis Function kernel
ridge_proxProx for lam/2 ||x||_2^2
softmaxCompute numerically stable softmax with natural param eta...
softmax_weightsnormalized logit weights, numerically stable
softmax_weights2normalized logit weights, numerically stable
softmax_weights_ipwnormalized logit weights, numerically stable
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