Man pages for ebimodeling/ghgvcR
Greenhouse Gas Value Calculator

biome_to_inputwrap biome data in a list for input to 'calc_ghgv()'.
decayDecay function for rates over time.
extract_ghg_paramsExtract GHG parameters into a matrix.
extract_pool_paramsExtract pool parameters into a matrix.
get_biomeGet biome data from netcdf and json files and return and/or...
get_ncdfGet biome data from a netCDF file.
get_ncdf_varsGet netcdf variable names.
ghgvc_subplotPlot ghgcv subplot.
json_to_dfConvert GHGVC json results to data.frame.
kinetic_decayDecay Kinetics.
plot_ghgvPlot Greenhouse Gas values.
remap_rangeRemap latitude and longitude ranges.
str2LogicalOrNumericConvert string to logical or numeric.
vegtype_orderDetermine factor order of a vegtype.
write_outputWrites a json string to a json or csv file.
write_plotWrites a json string to a json or csv file.
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